Poli Poli

Winter in Kula

Winter on an island in the middle of the big blue ocean. The winds move in from the Northeast. Roaring waves come in from the North. Whales migrate to birth their young, gathering and circling in the island channels. There is a wildness in the air.

Living at 4000 ft on Haleakala volcano the wood stove lights up to break the chill in the air. Darkness covers the forests on the mountains early. The soil temperature cools and has time to rest. Even here there are seasons.

For the past few months I sit focused at my wheel on my porch on the mountainside. I am creating vessels that are inspired by the black basaltic rocks and the white sands along the ocean. I find comfort in the repetition and simple forms. Each bowl, a story and a memory.

The winter gives the islands a time to renew and take a breath.

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