Meghan Gould

About Meghan

Meghan Gould has been passionate about ceramics for over 15 years since her first formal exposure at the University of Oregon. It was there that she was captivated by the organic process of wood-fired ceramics. After graduating with a double major in Environmental Studies and Agroecology along with an Emphasis in Ceramics from Prescott College she followed her passion for farming in the Northwest. There she continued her ceramics and refined her organic shapes. Meghan is currently residing in Kula, Hi where she has her home studio. Living in Hawaii she draws inspirationĀ fromĀ the shapes, colors, and natural environment. From the rugged volcanic rocks, to the deep blues of the ocean and the shapes of the seeds in the forest are all elements captured in her work.

The Studio


Located on the island of Maui I am blessed to have an amazing studio at 4,000 ft up on the side of a volcano.

The Gallery