Something calls to me from deep inside to be near the sea. It is like a fish being beckoned to go from freshwater to the open ocean, a ritual that can not be fought. Or a storm gathering energy as it moves over it’s vast surface. The sound of the waves, the feeling of the cool liquid against my skin, the taste of salt, and the smell of seaweed is intoxicating. I am summoned to the movement, the tides and the rhythm.

On the surface I am above a whole other hidden world that sways below. Diving underneath the waves,  the saltwater is purifying. There is silence under the ocean. Muffled sounds of whales and heart beats echo. Waves toss me about. I am humbled by how small I feel. Then reminded this is not my world as I hold onto my breath until I cut through the surface to find sky. Floating, I close my eyes and lose track of the shape of things. Swim, stroke, pull, crawl to shore. Waves push me in over smoothed rocks and soft sand.

Standing on the shore, I turn to the sea and squint my eyes to see as far as I can. Shades of blue gray ripple into hints of turquoise and sunlit white caps of waves mix into one.

The ocean is like our emotions. Changing with the passing storms and building waves and then coming back down to a smooth calm. Undercurrents running strong beneath the calm.

Meghan Gould