Ember & Ash

Embers and ashes.
Smoke and fire.
Vessels buried beneath cinders.
Slowly revealing soft rose, muted grey, and deep charcoal.
Ritual of flame.
Each pot nestled together.
Leaning shoulder to shoulder.
Driftwood, dry leaves, seaweed, and salt.
Layer upon layer.
Smoke surrounds each one.
Wood burns down and then the ashes cool.
A process connected to the past and our ancestors.
Offerings made from the earth.
I hold in my hands one of the rounded pots, and dust of the ashes.
The surface is raw, smooth, burnished and burned. I am drawn into it’s story.





A few pictures of the pit-fire process. This firing was done at the Hui No’eau in Maui Hawaii.  The pots above came directly from the pictures below.






Meghan Gould